The Dames

Jennie Suddick

Jennie Suddick is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto. She is currently an Assistant Professor  at OCAD University, where she received the 2017 Non-Tenured Teaching Award. 

Her practice underscores personal bonds to objects, images, ideas and places that are shared and repeated, acknowledging the imprint these entities leave on individuals (and vice-versa). Community engagement and interactivity are prevalent considerations in her practice, aiming to create collaborative opportunities for viewers to directly inform the development and experience of artworks.

Sara Udow

Sara Udow is an urban, community and cultural planner who is passionate about engaging people in city building. Through her work as an urban planner with Gladki Planning Associates, Sara designs and facilitates participatory processes aimed at involving diverse stakeholders and communities to collaboratively identify priorities in their communities. Prior to her work as an urban planner, Sara was involved in the arts and cultural sector, where she worked to engage people of all ages in the world of public art.

Sara is also dedicated to investing in her community. She currently sits on two not-for-profit boards - Project Canoe and Kehilla Residential Program.


Chrissy Poitras

Chrissy Poitras is an artist and co-owner of Spark Box Studio- an artist residency, print studio and educational facility in Prince Edward County. Through Spark Box Studio, and as a former professor in the Art and Design Foundations Program at Loyalist College, Chrissy has organized, developed and run courses on a variety of studio arts and arts management topics. Highly involved in her artistic community,  Chrissy is continuously creating resources and programs that aim to demystify the business side of the arts and offer opportunities for artists. 

Nadia Galati

Nadia Galati is an urban planner and designer working in a variety of intersecting areas of planning, art, and design, including, placemaking, stakeholder engagement, land use planning, qualitative and quantitative research, user experience (UX) mapping, and creative city building. Through her work as an urban planner/design with Gladki Planning Associates, she creates participatory planning and engagement processes that engage different voices and communities in planning and art projects. Prior to working at as an urban planner/designer, Nadia worked in the arts and cultural sector as a curator, arts researcher and in arts education.

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