What is creative placemaking? How can artists and communities be involved in envisioning/changing their physical environments and making them their own? 

We believe collaborative, artistic and social-innovative answers are increasingly needed to address many of our cities’ issues, whether it is searching for creative approaches to community engagement or developing new designs for underutilized spaces. 

In March 2017, the Crazy Dames led a creative, fun and interactive workshop with the Kingston artist and urban planning community. The workshop explored how the community could contribute to improving city spaces in creative ways, with tangible ideas for moving forward.

The workshop began with an interactive presentation, which introduced the role of 'art-thinking' in city building, followed by a break-out session that focused on reimagining a space adjacent to the TETT Centre. This included a walking tour around the site .

This workshop brought together artists, urban planners, cultural producers, Kingston Arts Council members, students, entrepreneurs, and creatives to engage in this discussion and cross-sector collaboration.

Our Creative Placemaking Workshop Curriculum

Interactive Presentation Creative Placemaking: The role of art in cities    

Crazy Dames provide an introduction about the role of the arts in placemaking and city building. This includes a facilitated discussion and multiple interactive activities.

1 hour 


After a short break, we lead a walking tour of a nearby point of interest that will incorporate a set of questions and activities.

30 minutes

Visioning Activity

The participants are put into groups of 3-4. In these small groups, we explore the themes discussed and re-imagine and reinterpret the surrounding area using arts-based methods. 

1 hour 

Debrief and Next Steps

Tangible actions for next steps will be considered.

15 minutes

Previous Events

KAC in Conversation - Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Location: The Malting Tower at The Tett Centre for Creativity

Presenter: Kingston Arts Council

Image credit for KAC in Conversation: Liz Cooper Photography

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