Imagining Collective Culture: Crazy Dames and Arts Assembly in Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia 

June 24th- 28th, 2017

In West Vancouver, we worked with Arts Assembly to build and activate an outdoor community gathering space, which acted as a hub for community members to come together and workshop new visions for the future of arts in their community and the city as a whole. 

We first worked with community members to design and create a gathering area/installation using recycled wooden shipping pallets. This concept considers both the importance of sustainability and references the Lower Mainland’s connections to trade and the shipping industry. Working like a modular material, these palettes served serve as building blocks which the public took part in arranging through the opening event. Design recommendations from the community members included: seating with shade, dog seating, a vertical garden, a stage and a communal picnic area. We collaboratively created these designs.

This gathering spaces then became a location for us to host informal workshops about the future of art and culture in Horseshoe Bay. We further included paper and markers for passers-by to share their ideas for the future of the area.

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