Laneway Suites Consultations 

The Laneway Suites Consultations were a series of three interactive and arts-based community design sessions across the City of Toronto aimed to facilitate a conversation about the potential for laneway suites in the City. Working with Evergreen CityWorks and Lanescape, Crazy Dames designed and facilitated the three community events (in Wards 18, 32 and Citywide), which included interactive walking tours and the clay-based workshops to help participants explore design considerations for laneway suites. 

At the final Citywide event, we curated a small art exhibition featuring the innovative designs and helped organize a panel discussion. 

Check out our Consultation Summary Report (Here) which includes an overview of issues, ideas and opportunities gathered from the consultations. This report will be the basis for a Recommendations Report going to City Council this spring. 

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