Place Making // Fare Spazio



An evening of art, installation, video and performance
Curated by Crazy Dames and Creative People in Florence

ARTISTS: Jessica Russo Scherr, Rmogrl Ottantunoventi, Martino DiNapoli Rampolla, Victoria DeBlassie, Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh, Saba Giani, CatBluemke, David Hartono, Faust Luo Pattern Nostrum, Spasic Sanja, Anna Rose,Alex McLeod, Luke Painter, Jamie McMillan, Jennifer Long, Mike McDonnell, TrudyPerks, Ursula Handleigh, Jonathan Carroll, Trudy Erin Elmore, Jennie Suddickand Sara Udow. With DJ RADICAL CHICK

PLACE MAKING // FARE SPAZIO invited artists and performers to reflect on the role of public space, seeking to develop new ideas for the ways in which we design, interact, and play with our city. 

The evening included participatory artworks, installation, video projection and performance by diverse artists selected through an open call, as well as a workshop lead by the Canadian artist duo Crazy Dames. 

After several iterations in Canada, for the first time in Florence, Crazy Dames hosted the workshop "How to Build a Blanket Fort" which invited participants to work together to transform an area of the park into an epic version of a quintessential childhood space. 

Special thank you to OCAD University. 

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