Varley Art Gallery of Markham
Community Artists-in-Residence 

As the Varley’s inaugural Community Artists in Residence, Crazy Dames will lead a series of interactive arts-based workshops that explore how you – as community members, artists and civic leaders - can creatively contribute to addressing pressing issues, needs and priorities within Markham. 

Gallery City

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

How can you shape your gallery and how can your gallery shape your city?

Art has always been used as an approach and tool for activism and community building. As urban planners and designers are increasingly exploring ways to better integrate art and culture within cities, artists and community members are reinventing their roles in shaping our civic spaces. The ideas generated in this workshop will help to shape Crazy Dames’ programming at the Varley Art Gallery in 2018.

This workshop aims to bring local organizations, students, artists, curators, municipal staff, officials and the wider public together to: a) consider your role in the gallery and your city in new ways; b) push the boundaries of how we interact and behave within galleries and civic spaces; and c) collectively identify key issues and priorities within Markham and how we can collaboratively and creatively respond to them.


Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 (at The Unionville Festival)

Come dine with us! We all know that food brings people together – around the dinner table, in restaurants, gardens and farms as well as at festivals and celebrations, just like this one! We also know that Markham has some of the most agriculturally rich farmland in North America and is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Canada. So let’s come together, eat some food and share stories about how we experience food and culture in this City!

Image credits: Jennie Suddick and Louis Li

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