WASTED at The Gladstone Hotel's Grow Op 2018

Resiliency in the face of unknown cumulative change needs a diverse discourse for our neighbourhoods, cities, and species to thrive. Facing floods, deep cold, heat, drought and everything else our changing climate throws humanity’s way, we are collectively required to develop solutions that ask us to change our actions and habits.

WASTED is an interactive art installation that draws attention to the impacts of human activity on our landscapes and asks participants to collaboratively reflect on the growing amount of recyclable clothing that permeates our landfills. Jennie Suddick + Sara Udow + Nadia Galati (Crazy Dames) transform Grow Op 2018’s Room 208 into a multi-colored, upcycled macramé web of recycled textiles intended to grow and evolve throughout the duration of the exhibition. The artists present in the space invite patrons to join in working with these materials while engaging in conversations about how we can collectively act at the individual, neighbourhood and city-scale.

WASTED was awarded a Grow Op 2018 Seed Development Grant.

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