Kristyn Wong-Tam, City Councillor Ward 27

Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam has an extensive career investing in the City of Toronto through both the public and private sectors. Her contributions have led to the development and support of numerous social planning programs, business ventures, art endeavours, and successful community initiatives. Councillor Wong-Tam is a long-time community advocate;she has led efforts to create new innovative programs for the homeless and has been a leader in developing new affordable housing in Toronto. Councillor Wong-Tam has served as the elected City Council representative of Ward 27Toronto Centre-Rosedale since 2010.

Janine Marchessault Professor, York University and PublicArt Consultant

Janine Marchessault is an internationally recognized public art curator, professor of Cinema andMedia Studies, and co-founder of the Future Cinema Lab in School of the Arts,Media, Performance and Design  at York. Marchessault works with artists,designers, municipal governments and community stakeholders to investigate new models of public art and the roles artists play in shaping the urban experience. She is the recipient of the prestigious Trudeau Fellowship.Currently, she is the Public Art Consultant for Phase I of the Lawrence-Allen Revitalization project.

Adam Nicklin, partner and co-founder of Public Work

Adam Nicklin, principal and co-founder, is a landscape architect and urban designer with over 15 years of experience in the UK, USA, and Canada. Over his career Adam has successfully lead numerous large, multi-disciplinary teams in the execution of complex urban renewal and landscape projects. Adam’s project experience includes community design, public realm and parks design, major transportation and marine infrastructure projects and development feasibility studies, making him a flexible practitioner with broad knowledge and experience. Prior to co-founding PUBLIC WORK, Adam was principal at DTAH in Toronto.

PUBLICWORK is an urban design and landscape architecture studio focused on one of the foremost public topics today—the intelligent evolution of the contemporary city. We aim to produce transformative works that invigorate the public realm,optimize and enhance the performance of urban and natural systems, and support public life by adding new layers of experience to the city.

Josh Fullan, Founder of Maximum City

Josh is a teacher, entrepreneur, and public consultant. His career has focused on engaging and educating the public on urban planning, design and city-building initiatives, with a focus on youth. He is the founder of Maximum City,which has been recognized locally and internationally as a model for bringing civic literacy, urbanism, and sustainability education to teachers and youth. He was recently one of the lead consultants on theCity of Toronto Planning Division’s Youth Engagement Strategy, an dis currently part of the communications and engagement team for the interdivisional TOcore study led by Swerhun Facilitation.


Mojan is an urban planner, facilitator and art director. She is a passionate city builder who designs innovative public engagement methods and is interested in the intersection between psychology and the built form. Prior to her work as a planner, Mojan worked in the public art sector, directing and managing large scale, multi-stakeholder public art works and installations. Mojan continues to work with diverse organizations providing artistic, planning engagement and strategic advice. Mojan is currently a Cultural Planner with the City of Mississauga. 

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