Copenhagen Part 2 - Christiana and Louisiana Museum

We also explored Freetown Christiana, a largely self-regulating /autonomous community founded in 1971. This neighbourhood is well known for the open sale of marijuana, which had been largely ignored by the police. On September 2, 2016,  residents began taking down these ‘pusher’ stalls after shootings. It is unclear what will become of the commune but as one journalist put it ““Yuppies would only be too happy to turn the place into upmarket condominiums.” 

We also visited the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, a beautifully designed museum perched above the sea. There we saw the exhibition on Poul Gernes, a Danish artist from the 1960s known for his collaborative art practice. The exhibition, “I cannot do it alone - want to join in?” served as a great reflection on our own collaborative practice.

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